Monday, December 5, 2011

Running the Golden Years - Episode 56

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Foti said...

Hi Dan - just listened to the latest podcast. I enjoyed your army story. I was commissioned out of college (I had a 4 year ROTC scholarship to attend Lehigh U). I went onto dental school, but joined the NJ Guard. I was in the 5-117 Cav Squadron, part of the now non-existant 50th AD. I went to armor basic at Ft Knox (trained on the M60A3) and was in the squadron for 8 years. I then went on to command the medical company for the division. I got out with a little over 13 years. My brother was commissioned as well out of Seton Hall U ROTC, went on active duty as an infantry officer. He served in the 82nd, was in Korea, then at Ft Stewart before getting out - he is now an FBI agent in NYC. He also was in the first Gulf War. Nice to see we have something other than running in common. Scary story about the guy on the bike...take care.