Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week in review

I've been busy since the last entry. I had an opportunity to run with someone my age who is still wicked fast. Bob is running 10K's at a 6:30 pace. He also placed second in his age group in the Chicago marathon a few years ago. Very impressive. We went out for a long run together (18.5 miles). He went a bit slower for me but I still had my work cut out for me to keep up with him. It wound up being quite a long run. We averaged an 8:18 pace for the first ten miles but he started getting in the groove and picked up the pace. I could no longer keep up with him but managed to complete the run with an average pace of 8:26. Bob would run ahead and circle back occasionally to keep me in sight. After the run we took a dip in his pool and chewed the fat awhile. I hope to be able to do my long runs with him fairly often. That should really help my speed for the next marathon.
I took my recorder (given to me by Air Force Ted from the "You Don't Have to Run Alone" podcast (thanks Ted)) on one of my daily runs in the last week in a second attempt to record a podcast. I tried it unscripted but found I wound up rambling too much and spent way too much time talking about myself. Probably not worth publishing for this reason so I will try again but will organize my thoughts better next time.  Maybe I'm being too critical of my recordings but I try to listen to them as if I were another person and see if I would be bored with it. I found I need a lot more work on polishing it up and organizing my thoughts. I'll keep trying though, maybe some day I will get one right.
This week is a drop back week in my marathon training. I will finish up with about 38 miles and the long run will only be 8 miles. Next week will be the first of 4 twenty mile runs for this training period, should be fun.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome to Running the Golden Years

Hello everyone and welcome to Running the Golden Years. Here I encourage an active lifestyle for people approaching or in their retirement years. I will be adding a podcast in the near future that will be general thoughts and observations while I am running.
My main running motivation is to be as competitive as I can as long as I can and race often. This is my motivation, you may have others and that is fine.
I hope you stop in often to see what's new. I will try to keep it entertaining and informative.
Dan Clark