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Running the Golden Years - Episode 32

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Book Review Explosive Running Second Edition by Dr. Michael Yessis

I’ve been a runner for a long time and have known that I had problems with my stride for much of that time. However, knowing you have problems and knowing how to fix them are two entirely different things. I’ve tried many things over the years to correct my issues but have not been completely successful. I think this is common among runners. I think most runners could benefit from a better understanding of the running gait as it applies to them. Just watch the runners in any race and you will see over-striding, too much vertical movement, heel striking and many other stride problems that can potentially slow the runner down and might even cause injuries if left unchecked. I also think most runners would jump at the opportunity to identify and correct stride issues. If you are like me and want to improve your running form or reduce the likelihood of an injury the book Explosive Running by Dr. Michael Yessis might just be what you need.

Explosive Running takes you through the process of analyzing your form to determine what problems you may have, determining what exercises to use to correct these problems, and creating an exercise regimen that uses these exercises to their best advantage. The exercises are designed to strengthen the running muscles in the same movement and range of motion as they perform when running. Each of the key movements in the running gait is identified and an effective workout for each is suggested. The exercises were developed and fine tuned by Dr. Yessis from years of studying and adjusting the running form of athletes at all levels.

A section of the book with many running still photos taken from high-speed video help identify the various form related problems. This will assist you in determining what needs to change in your stride. The troubleshooting section then makes it possible for you to determine what specific exercises you need to address the issues identified.

The book also touches on nutrition and fueling for your runs. It also addresses barefoot running and how that might help with good form. The final section of the book gives suggestions that may help you stay motivated to keep the workout plan you create as a permanent part of your training.

I feel Explosive Running could be the answer I’ve been looking for or at the least start me in the right direction for improvement. If you have been struggling with injuries or just want to improve your running performance Explosive Running might be just what you need. You can get more information on the book by visiting Dr. Yessis’s website at Doctor Yessis Sports Training

Monday, May 16, 2011