Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wow, it's been a long time since I've made a post and a lot has happened in that time. I found myself getting repetitive in the contents and felt people were getting bored with it. First off let me apologize to those who have written to me and didn't get a response. When I stopped the podcast I also stopped checking the gmail account associated with the podcast.
I'm now a few weeks from 69 and am still at it and in fact have never stopped. I managed to finish first in my age group in the Grand Rapids Marathon in 2014 but haven't raced since. We moved in early 2015 after 43 years in the same house. That really upset the apple cart. Training miles got reduced substantially and I've been finding it hard to get in more than about 30 miles a week now.
I also got a new running buddy, we got a boxer and he loves to run with me. At least he did until he chased a squirrel into a tree and broke his foot. Three surgeries and 5 months later he is finally starting to walk on it again.
I've been injury free since 2012, I switched to the Altra Instincts then which is a zero drop shoe and it has made quite a difference. I've always been a fan of minimalist shoes as you probably know.
I have registered for another Baker's Dozen Beer Run half marathon and that's coming up Saturday. It isn't a race though, more of a social event, no official times registered but you can see your time as you cross the line if you're interested. I'll be happy with anything under two hours for that. Then some Dark Horse beer and lots of good conversation.
I'm still hoping to do a couple more marathons. I'd like to qualify for and run Boston again and do it right this time. No marathon this year though, I decided too late to run one and didn't have enough training time to do it right.
Sorry if this seems to ramble, I'm just trying to let everybody who's interested know I'm still moving and above ground.
I'm not sure when or if I'll make another post, maybe in another couple of years.
Take care and get out there and get some miles.