Monday, August 22, 2011

Running the Golden Years - Episode 41

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RunnerGuy23 said...

Sorry to hear about your running injury and the dashing of your marathon plans for the fall season. I hope your methodical and disciplined treatment gets you back into regular training soon.

I like any format that you use for your podcast. I thoroughly enjoy listening and have been from the beginning. As a 63-year-old runner myself and with about the same ability as you, I can relate to much of your running and racing. It is good to see that you still have a competitive spirit when it comes to racing. After 30 years, I'm still running events from the mile to the marathon and plan to do Boston next year -- while I'm still young. Several 5Ks and a halfer in the near future.
I'm visiting in Western Maine this weekend and plan on hunkering down and ride out Hurrican Irene.

Nick Kanaracus
Waterford, Maine and Worcester, Mass.