Monday, September 13, 2010

Running the Golden Years Episode 3

I discuss my visit to my Son's house, training, and minimalist running. More on Barefoot John from the Somerset Half Marathon.

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Johns barefoot running blog

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Paper Feet

What The Runner Saw

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OasisDouglas said...

As mentioned on Twitter: THANKS so much 4/episode 3 shout-out. It was totally true, in ALL my 10k & longer races I was ALWAYS getting passed. Some of it due to running too hard the 1st half, but I think a lot of it was not training for a fast finish. It's so cool how you mentioned the training technique, and then in my current training plan they mentioned the same thing for my long runs. You beat them to the punch. Thanks for the great podcast, and keep them coming. I look forward to the next one. ~ Cheers from Seattle, Douglas